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Overarching NPHA Advocacy and Policy Priorities

The mission of the Nevada Public Health Association (NPHA) is to serve as the voice for public health in Nevada in order to improve health and achieve health equity in Nevada. In keeping with its mission and our vision of a healthy Nevada, NPHA organizes its advocacy and policy activities around five overarching advocacy and policy priorities:

  • Building public health infrastructure and capacity
  • Creating health equity
  • Ensuring the right to health and health care
  • Promoting evidence-based policymaking
  • Advocating for Health in All Policies

As an affiliate of the American Public Health Association (APHA), NPHA’s overarching goals and related advocacy efforts are closely aligned with APHA’s advocacy and policy agenda.  

2019 NPHA Advocacy Agenda
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During 2019 and consistent with NPHA’s overarching advocacy and policy goals, NPHA will focus its advocacy efforts on the following issue areas and current policy priorities:

  • Advocating for investments in core public health infrastructure in Nevada, particularly state and federal appropriations for public health agencies and the Prevention and Public Health Fund
  • Ensuring access to clinical and preventive health services for all Nevada residents, including protecting the Affordable Care Act and safety net services for medically underserved populations
  • Supporting policies, interventions, and strategies to increase health insurance coverage that minimizes financial barriers to the timely use of necessary health services
  • Advocating for efforts to mitigate the health impact of climate change
  • Advocating for a permanent source of funding for vector control to provide surveillance for and prevention of West Nile Virus and Zika
  • Supporting policy measures in Nevada that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the use of fossil fuels and promote greater reliance on renewable energy resources to improve air quality and health benefits associated with reduced global warming
  • Advocating for the development and implementation of local boards of health and health districts in rural and frontier counties of Nevada
  • Advocating for tobacco and e-cigarette prevention policy and research in Nevada, including support for evidence-based regulation and taxation of cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other emerging tobacco products, and preventing youth access through efforts such Tobacco 21
  • Supporting evidence-based gun violence prevention, including advocacy for background checks on all gun purchases, preventing individuals most at risk of violence from purchasing guns, and engaging in research about how to effectively address gun violence
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles through the support of nutritious eating and active living, including policy that supports the creation of built environments and complete streets that integrates physical activity into daily life, increases access to healthy foods, and eliminates food deserts
  • Protecting and promoting maternal, child, and adolescent health in Nevada, including advocacy for comprehensive sexual education standards, protection of reproductive rights and access to reproductive services for all females, and support for the establishment of a state maternal mortality review board
  • Supporting evidence-based injury prevention in Nevada, including advocacy for programs and policies to improve pedestrian safety and reduce transportation-related injuries and deaths and to prevent drownings and other recreational injuries
  • Advocating for evidence-based policy and improved surveillance to prevent drug overdoses and drug-related deaths
  • Promoting an effective public health framework for regulating legal marijuana sales and use in Nevada, including support for comprehensive smoke free policy, hard-hitting mass media education campaigns on health risks, and tax revenue for prevention programs and research
  • Advocating for funding and policy to ensure a competent public and personal health care workforce
  • Advocating for policy measures that address health equity and the social determinants of health in Nevada, including investments in Birth-12 education and higher education, support for efforts to increase the minimum wage for Nevada workers, advocacy for affordable housing for all Nevada residents, and efforts to improve civic engagement

NPHA has the flexibility to educate, inform and act, when appropriate, on other pressing public health issues that may not easily be categorized under the overarching NPHA advocacy and policy goals and our 2019 advocacy agenda and current policy priorities. 

Approved by the NPHA Board of Directors on December 11, 2018. 

NPHA Advocacy and Policy Committee

The NPHA Board of Directors established its Advocacy and Policy Committee (APC) to oversee the development and implementation of the association’s advocacy, legislative, and policy activities.  

For additional information about the Nevada Public Health Association and the work of the NPHA Advocacy and Policy Committee in 2019, visit or contact NPHA APC Co-Chair, Dr. John Packham at or 775-784-1235.

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